English Housewife Hangs Out Her Nylons On The Washing Line

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Oct 052009

English Housewife Jane Hangs Out Her Nylon Stockings To Dry

English Housewife Jane hangs out her nylon stockings on the washing line to dry.

‘I always get dressed up in some sexy lingerie and nylons stockings when I hang out my washing.

‘I don’t mind if the neighbors see me in my sexy underwear, in fact it turns me on knowing they are watching.

‘There’s one guy I caught peering from behind his curtains one day as I was hanging out my freshly washed nylons.

‘I’m sure he was wanking as I could see the curtain move in a regular rhythm, but when he noticed me looking up at him he quickly hid himself behind them.

‘I think it must have been him who stole my nylons from the washing line on one occasion.

‘If I catch him again, I’ll punish him by making him dress up in my stockings, garterbelt and heels. And that will only be the beginning…

‘I enjoy having lots of nylon fun with girls, guys, and sissy cross-dressers in particular, who I encourage to wear stockings when they fuck me.’

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