Feb 012012

Swinging Granny Lady D Of The Florida Mandingos Interracial Fucking Orgy

“Lady D” (Mrs Dee DiCarlo) also known as “The Mandingo Mama” is the mistress of the world famous “Florida Mandingos”, and along with Mr. Art Hammer, she would like to invite you to share in the wonderful world of INTERRACIAL SEX!

Lady Dee DiCarlo who is also known as the “swinging granny”, has enjoyed the swinging lifestyle for many years and is hostess at monthly parties with her swinging friends.

She first discovered the joy of having a black man inside her at one of these parties, and loved the experience so much, she now CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF BLACK COCK!

Swinging Granny Lady D Of The Florida Mandingos Fucked By Blackman

If you are looking for real hardcore amateur interracial action, then MANDINGO MAMA’S is as hardcore as you’ll find anywhere on the net and it will be all yours!

They don’t just tease with pretty stuff; what they do is as real as it gets at their private parties, where everything goes, from gangbangs to deep throating, double penetrations, creampies and internal cumshots.

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