Nerd Girl In Glasses Given Oral Exam & Facialized By Her Potential Boss

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Jun 302011

nerd in glasses sucking cock video featuring tasty trixie

A nerdy bespectacled brunette girl goes for a job interview and is videoed while she sucks off her potential boss in ‘Interview With A Nerd’.

Trixie went for her job interview and was told that the meeting it would be videoed. She was comfortable enough with that (what could go wrong, eh?), but when the guy interviewing her starts to fondle and squeeze her large breasts, she is bit surprised and unsettled.

Then the interviewer decides to give Trixie an “oral exam” to gauge what she can do with her mouth, and desperate to get the job she plays along with the horny interviewer.

Trixie somewhat playfully alternates between being shy and flirtatious, as her teasing tongue darts and flickers around the man’s thick purple cockhead.

With his camera recoding every expression on her face, Trixie sometimes gives the man looks of shock, disgust and consternation as she sucks on his enormous dick.

However, Trixie is experienced enough to know what she needs to do to get the job done, and her eyes alight over the thick lenses of her prescription spectacles as she warms up to her task.

Sucking and licking the bossman’s throbbing prick with her soft, sweet mouth, Trixie successfully coaxes his sperm from his balls and gets her glasses coated with a big, blinding load of cum!


Lady Kinky Boots Sucking Cock & Getting Her Tits Covered In Spunk

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Feb 032011

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Having already been fucked in my brown crocodile thigh boots and tan full-fashioned nylon stockings, my cunt was full of my husband’s sticky cock cream.

I pushed my gloved fingers into my cunt full of spunk and licked them clean. Being a greedy cum whore I’m always in need of more, so I sucked his spunky cock head to finish him off!

My bladder was feeling full, so I pissed all over my purple dildo, then fucked my cunt with it, pushing it deep into my hot snatch.

Another erect cock presented itself to my face, so I started sucking on the thick bell end as I continued to fuck my pussy.

I then took this throbbing erection in my PVC gloved hand, and enjoyed the sensation of feeling it rub against my kinky leather boots.

The guy then wanked his shaft and finally spunked hot jets of sticky semen all over my naked tits and PVC corset.


Jan 212011

Curvy Claire Busty Redhead British Swinger Housewife Has Real Homemade Amateur Hardcore Porn Movies

Suzi Wild brought a few guys round for a filthy fucking orgy, and we got down to it in the living room.

We were both wearing our slutty stockings and suspenders; mine in Red and Suzie in her black seamed slut fuck nylons.

Having three hard cocks and Suzi’s cunt to choose from, I was completely spoiled for choice!

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Lady Kinky Boots Gets Her Thigh Boots Covered In Cum

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Jun 092010


Lady Kinky Boots is a 32 year old married business lady and lifestyle boot fetish wearer, who loves being a total slut in her thigh boots and stockings.

Diane always dresses in boots whenever she can, and gets a real thrill exposing herself in outdoor locations throughout the British countryside.

Several times a week they will take the car and find a spot where Diane can expose herself, masturbate and even take a piss by the roadside, while her hubby videos it all!

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