Horny Couple Have Sex Outdoors In Local Car Park

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Oct 212009
Horny Couple Have Sex In Public Place

Horny Couple Have Sex In Public Place

A horny couple have sex outdoors in a local restaurant car park in this movie from Public Place Pussy.

This horny couple are on holiday and they can’t get enough of fucking each other whenever the mood takes them.

They were out shopping one morning when they both began to feel horny. But where could they fuck? The idea occurred to them to fuck outdoors where the possibility of being seen was an added turn on.

They quickly return to their car in the parking lot of a local restaurant. They are within view of the people dining in the restaurant, but the risk of being caught in the act of making out makes this public sex that much more delicious.

Without much caution the girl undoes her partners fly, takes out his hard dick and starts sucking his tube meat.

Then she climbs on top of his cock and bounces up and down on his prick, right in sight of the road and nearby tennis court where players are playing a game.

You have to give it to this couple for their audacity, but when you are too horny the most convenient place has to do, as in this case.

Eventually our horny couple crawl into a parked car where they continue fucking, and he gets to shoot his sperm all over her naked pussy.

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